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Katies Blog (Originaltitel: Ask Me Anything) ist ein US-amerikanisches Filmdrama aus dem Jahr Regisseur und Drehbuchautor ist Allison Burnett. jederzeit Online. 8,99€. Kaufen. 4,99€. Leihen. Ask Me Anything. Mehr Infos: HD, SD | Deutsch, Englisch. Zum Streaming-Anbieter. Ask Me Anything feierte seine Premiere auf dem Nashville Film Festival bevor er am Dezember im Kino veröffentlicht wurde. Die DVD erschien am 3. - Kaufen Sie Ask Me Anything by Britt Robertson günstig ein. Qualifizierte Hinweise und Aktionen. Entdecken Sie hier reduzierte Filme und Serien auf DVD oder Blu-ray. Übersetzen Sie alle Bewertungen auf Deutsch. A O K R. Katies Blog ein Film von Allison Burnett mit Britt Robertson, Justin Long. Inhaltsangabe: Schön, wild Ask Me Anything. Verleiher -. Weitere.

ask me anything film deutsch

jederzeit Online. 8,99€. Kaufen. 4,99€. Leihen. Ask Me Anything. Mehr Infos: HD, SD | Deutsch, Englisch. Zum Streaming-Anbieter. Ask Me Anything (VF). Minuten. Liebesfilme. Zur Wunschliste hinzufügen. In deiner Sprache sind weder Audio noch Untertitel verfügbar. Audio ist. Gibt es Ask Me Anything auf Netflix, Amazon, Sky Ticket, iTunes und co? Jetzt online Stream finden!

Descarca Filmul. Raporteaza o problema. Ask Me Anything Young. Not so innocent. Not Rated. Drama Mystery Thriller. Tiltul Original Ask Me Anything.

Rating IMDb 6. Tara USA. Video trailer. Allison Burnett. Britt Robertson. Christian Slater. Justin Long. Well, I think she wrote on her OWN blog pretending to be her mom and that she was missing..

As in, she either did it for the sake of drama for beer blog, as she claimmed she would do, OR she did it to be able to start her life over by ending her blog and ending who she was and starting over completely….

I think that she was a very depressed girl and had a very sad life. Her life might have not been that amazing in her eyes, apart from her blog.

In my opinion I think she made up her life on the blog, and we watched the movie from that perspective. She changed people to how she wished it could be, and made a new image of them.

And at the end when is shows the picture of her, the actor from before looked opposite to watch she actually looked like.

So she presented her self how she wished she was. Also I think she might have commuted suicide at the end. It confused everyone and there could be more explanations then just this one… This is just one of my opinions.

I think the movie is supposed to have both endings, you can either take it as a cautionary ending something happened to her so be careful with what you do in your life.

Or it could be that she ran away to start her own free life, a sort of triumph over adversity theme. Also did they mention talking to the cops about the guy who tried to commit suicide?

I have two theories. Either Martina was the one whom killed her seeming how she knew her blog name. OR something I really believe to be true.

The movie sort of minimizes the abuse he contributed. I cannot remember. If anyone knows please reply. Good thoughts on being undiscovered though, but having an unknown caller then randomly no money and no phone use the night thereof..

Especially if the police investigated the older sex offender. My heart hurts for any woman living in this sort of silent world. And sadly the stories in this movie are often the stories of women whom are molested or with severe trauma today.

Definitely a reminder on hints to catch onto in the human race. After the ending I just want to know if this is a true story now lol it completely through me off.

Idk left me guessing! If anyone pops in here …. I think we are developing a relationship with this character, be it love or hate. Then we find out this person is missing or hurt but her mother will be continuing the blog.

The mother was catfishing us and the other readers the whole time! There is no daughter, there is no potential baby or Multiple suitors, just a lonely middle aged woman at her computer.

Now she can continue to garnish attention and now sympathy on the blog as the villigant mother. My theory is along the lines of catfishing.

This was honestly a terrible movie. All the dialogue seemed unrealistic, the characters were unrealistic.

Like really, who acts like this?? The ending was the only interesting part and they even screwed that up. What was the point in changing all the actors??

We never see her describing on her blog what anyone looks like so why change the actors? Ummm no. This ditzy girl probably ran off with a random guy she never mentioned or went to get an abortion then ran away.

Many times in the movie it shows Katie driving past a bridge, usually after something bad has just happened to her. It also occurs that between Katie and Joel they both have tried committing suicide by attempting to jump off high buildings or bridges.

The ending is her way of saying goodbye to her life and what she has done with it. Off topic : but it seemed the writer was trying to convey something since Katie was nannying a young child right before she found out she was pregnant.

Anyways back to my theory, is it possible that she killed herself. At the end of the movie when she gets in the bathtub, the last time it shows Katie, she is what looks like attempting to drown herself in the bathtub.

Let me know what you think. Could it be possible? Sorry If I ask and sorry for my english, Im not from U. Was in Pasadena or somewhere in Los Angeles?

Do you know any of the locations? Either that or she also faked the end of the blog as her Mom to put an end to that part of her life and move on with a child.

She already faked writing as her mom in the letter to the therapist. All the names at the end were also made up. Also, as some of you guys mentioned, I believe that she just escaped reality by pretending to be her mother blogging about her missing, anyways, great movie and I enjoyed it despite the ending that made me lost and confused.

But I did want to put this out there. I go with theory 1. If everyone said she mainly told the truth on her blog but he denies it, then he is not innocent.

Its a stretch to think someone would commit murder. Takes a certain type of person. He could have, hopefully, provided her another life — like money and a new identity — to keep his marriage intacted.

This coming from someone in her 22nd year of marriage. No boundaries. I think you can take it very literal and take from it the dangers young women face.

One- a single man convicted of any sex crime offering to raise a child is a red flag. Two- the married man had every reason to try and cover up what he had been doing.

Three- this is like every tragic tale you hear on the news. A women goes missing because she gets involved with the wrong man.

However all of the obvious I have a different take on it. The ending was more symbolic. She goes under the water then comes up and the scene ends.

As almostnto baptize the new her. The adult her. I think she is the mom at the end who brings forth the truth. The old her is not dead but simply missing from this chapter in her life.

Still there but never to be found again. She re tells the story in a less romanticized juvenile way. The truth is the men were less glamorous and her life was a little more tragic then she made it out to be.

She still wants validation from people so she writes about her missing daughter. She takes on the roll as the mom to her blog fallowers.

Scolding them for the harsh things they said to her making them feel to their eye core the impact words could have.

She wishes her friend felt bad for the truth he told her even though it was well deserved. But she still writes in his grief over finding out she is missing.

She still needs to be heard on some level so she will always write in the blog. But now she has become a mother choosing to keep the baby.

And move forward away from the girl she used to be. She ignores the guys who could possibly be the father to her child. Writing them off as not knowing about the baby or denying it all together.

This is tonease her guilt in raising the child alone and fatherless. You could see it in her eyes when the man said he would raise the child as his own a fear swept over her face.

Her child could end up like her with the abuse being done to it. Only she could have her baby, only she could save herself. So she let go of the selfish troubled girl she was.

She let her slip out in the night and never return. She wrote her self in her blog as the mother and in her actual like she become the mother to her child.

Her letter to the man who abused her was her last bit of closure on her old life. Almost like her good bye letter to the past and what so deeply effect her.

I dated and fell in love with a women who had so many issues on so many levels …. She hooked up with the next ride and like a hitchhiker moved to the new town and started over.

She is alive and well. Doing her own thing…. It was quite obviously her drug addict best friend and boyfriend with rage issues. They killed her murder style.

Becuase she was pregnant with HIS child. I have some random thoughts. First of all, do we remember the best friend. It was like a second of Katie being pulled back into reality.

Plus I keep thinking about how Amy glamoured her life in all of this. Plus where was Joel in the real world. Ok now officially confused and need to keep thinking.

I thought originally that it was based on a true story. I imagined the blocked phone call as the father of the child and he took her to get an abortion and either killed her on their way or she died from a bad abortion doctor and it was covered up.

I think she really did disappear. Like many traumatized women, they are retraumatized over and over again. During the last few minutes of the movie, notice the dangerous things she was doing.

She knows he is a sex offender, yet willingly is with him in a locked room. In fact, a car swerves at the last minute to avoid her.

To me, this meant, she would continue to be victimized in one way or another. Whether she is attacked by the bookstore owner, re-attacked by her boyfriend, killed by her married lover or cast aside by her suicidal male friend.

Anything could have happened, and her episodes were getter scarier and scarier. I think she got in the car with someone and her body was never found.

Hmm… Good perspective. She is a traumatized women, never seeing the otherwise option and always a victim..

I think the beauty of this movie is how awfully beautiful the world is. I think you can keep thinking of this movie and the more you think about human nature the more ways you can spin it.

Was the bookstore man even real? Could he have been her neighbor? Was the neighbor really the molester or was it her father?

What about the step father? Could it be this book was written as a precaution to pedophiles and abusive men? Maybe it was to show them the damage the create.

There was not one man in the movie who didnt treat her as a sex object. Maybe it was to show how disposable girls are to these sick men.

Maybe in the end the mother is her. Maybe she had her baby and the ending of who would want to hurt my daughter everyone is her fear of her own daughter being hurt.

The interpetations are endless. In fact this blog itself could be the ending. Maybe we are all the writers.

The story has no ending because sexual abuse and the ugly affects have no end. The affects of it touch most of our families and friends in some way shape or form.

In the end it is all fiction based on all real senerios. The truth is who would want to hurt her, everyone because it could be anyone a neighbor, father, friend, boss, friend, jealous female, mother, stepfather, herself, and anyone of the readers.

Totally agree with you on the possibility of the dad being the molester, thought that during the movie.

Also thought the bookstore owner was waaaaayyyy to eager to offer her to take her in, and her baby.

She got the sneer she was looking for. The whole movie I was thinking that the person who molested her as a child was her father.

And then the neighbor reveal happened. I have two moments to back this up; first when she is telling Joel about the neighbor she mentions that she just thought she had these issues because her father was an asshole, not the neighbor thing.

And then when she writes the neighbor a letter she mentions her remembering everything and thinking he would remember everything too because he was an adult.

So thanks for the outlet! Okay, so I just watched this movie and I wanted to look and see if anything had been found on her. I read most of these comments and it seems like everyone keeps circling the same ideas.

She left that note for Dan and texted Paul. Well she could have threatened both men that she would tell their partners about what went on, she blackmails them for money and then she has funds.

Paul made a good amount of money, and Dan could have been blackmailed for something else possibly. She said in the beginning she was gonna change details and she could have changed the details so much that she made a story out of it on her blog.

I think she either hurt herself or was hurt by someone — by one of the men she was seeing… It did not feel like a happy ending.

Remember when Katie double checked the bookstore owner? She was probably not sure if the bookstore owner can be trusted or not.

At the end, everyone wants to hurt her. Or probably whoever called her that night, she trusted em and again she got hurt instead and never coming back.

When was she able to post the blog about the bookstore owner conversation, since she disappeared while walking back home?

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Facebook Twitter Google. So what happened????? I just want to brainstorm! Alex on May 5, at am. Jane Effin Lane on May 6, at am. At the end it says they talked to him and he felt bad about the last message he left her.

Tammy Worcester on May 6, at pm. Elisa on May 13, at pm. Julia on July 3, at am. Yea I think that is very close..

ToxicBunney on April 24, at am. Scorpion on January 1, at am. Celes on January 5, at pm. This movie fucked me up Reply. Elena on February 11, at pm.

He seemed much less creepy in the book Reply. Nesli - Girl on the Bike on February 12, at am. Elena on February 12, at pm.

Nathaly Andrea on August 21, at pm. In the end, the mother says that he never offered to raise her baby. Kayla Comedian Ale on May 31, at pm.

Connie on June 17, at am. Like twisted 2 ending… Reply. Cameron Wood on August 26, at am. Tloft on September 18, at am. Revampedcat on July 14, at pm.

Tiffany on July 15, at pm. FYI a man wrote the book and directed the movie Reply. Desiree Marie Soriano on November 19, at am.

Fionnuala Royan Thompson on January 6, at am. Thank you… Reply. RochZim on August 16, at pm. TM B33 on August 22, at pm.

Richard Strell on November 4, at pm. There is a sequel. Nesli - Girl on the Bike on November 14, at pm. Mason, check out the comment above from Bezoris!!

I enjoyed the movie as well and the ending caused me to rethink everything that came beforehand. Theory 1 — Who Done It?

Theory 2 My preferred, and I believe intended, interpretation : Remember the early point about everything being somewhat fictionalized, all names being changed?

She has decided to move on, to live, and remains an enigma. An Undiscovered Gyrl. Brilliantly put!

Nesli - Girl on the Bike on November 23, at am. Sabrina on May 5, at pm. Her boyfriend is Stiles from Teen Wolf.

I find that to be a stretch. Mak on March 18, at pm. Chelsey Easley Furlong on November 22, at am. Kim on May 22, at am. Just a thought Reply.

LeLou on May 17, at am. Ang-Ivy Ramirez on January 1, at pm. LeLou on March 9, at pm. Amy Laraman on May 30, at pm.

Thank you so much! Alana F. I agree. Sassy on June 12, at am. She was paid in cash so she would of had money it never showed he spending much of it so she may of had quite a bit saved up Reply.

Amelle Kyre on February 5, at am. Bobby Fox on January 4, at pm. Merav on May 12, at pm. Lucy Mckenna on September 30, at pm.

Lucy Mckenna on October 1, at am. Sad but true! Christina Warren on February 3, at am. The trashy girl outside the corner store was her best friends counterpart.

ItsJustMe on September 16, at pm. Eloo on October 28, at pm. Emily on November 11, at am. Shaheena Ali on November 11, at am.

Allison on November 25, at pm. Yes his name is Allison, get over it. Mark Fujii on April 19, at am. I never would have guessed it was a man either w that name Reply.

Killey on April 22, at pm. I just learned about it and bought the kindle book Reply. Richard on May 2, at am. Sophia Stoycheva on August 31, at am.

Selina on June 11, at am. Karen Johnson on June 13, at am. A on August 28, at am. As in, she either did it for the sake of drama for beer blog, as she claimmed she would do, OR she did it to be able to start her life over by ending her blog and ending who she was and starting over completely… Reply.

MissMorphine on November 18, at pm. Martin sheen killed her. I concur! Nesli - Girl on the Bike on December 4, at pm.

Olivia on December 4, at pm. Just a Guy on December 18, at am. Pam ba lam on December 23, at pm. I finally saw the movie. What was the envelope she put in the mail before seeing Ms vansuo?

Zur Wunschliste hinzufügen. The Place Beyond The Pines. Britt Robertson. Katie fühlt sich read more immer mehr von Freetvproject Christian Slater angezogen, der noch einmal ein Eck älter ist als Dan. Justin Long.

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Du stimmst den Nutzungsbedingungen und den Datenschutzhinweisen von Google Payments zu. Wird geladen…. Back Roads. Ähnliche Filme. If Katie was pretending to be her mother in order phrase gzsz-vorschau join end the blog then why would she continue to post? Then click the following article find out this person is missing or hurt but her mother will just click for source continuing the blog. Michelle Hoffman-Zubatch on Fussbal bundesliga 25, at am. The DVD was released March 3, Omg this movie is awesome i really believe she was missing Reply. Could it be possible? Much less a complicated biological one. Login Sign Up. Über ihre Suche soy luna ihre Click berichtet sie in einem anonymen Blog. Zulässig, falls mit ausgewählten Zahlungsmethoden gekauft. Now that Harlon is a bullied high school teen, his undiagnosed mental illness is getting worse. Leihfilme sind nicht see more. Regisseur Allison Burnett. Account Options Anmelden. Ähnlich Beliebt bei ähnlichen Zuschauern. Melde an, um einen Kommentar zu schreiben. Katies Blog Trailer OV. Visa-Nummer . Britt Robertson. Sprachen Englisch. Ähnliche Filme. All Rights Reserved. Regisseur Allison Burnett. Bewerte : 0. In den Erzählungen öffnet sie sich und gibt ihre innersten Geheimnisse preis - zum Beispiel auch den eigentlichen Grund für ihr Jahr ohne schulische oder universitäre Verpflichtungen: Das ist nämlich Dan Gallo Justin Longder über 30 Jahre alt ist und eigentlich eine gleichaltrige Freundin hat, aber eine intime Beziehung zu Katie pflegt. Das könnte dich auch interessieren. Gone Girl - Das perfekte Opfer. Just click for source in the tender tradition of "Love Story," Erich Segal's Man, Woman and Child is an evocative, emotionally-charged movie about a typical American family whose deep love is shaken, tested opinion annabelle filme for ultimately reaffirmed in this mature and fascinating study of adjustments. Produzenten Lauren Avinoam. All More info Had. A young man cares for his younger sisters after mother is imprisoned for murdering their abusive father. Back Roads. Gibt es Ask Me Anything auf Netflix, Amazon, Sky Ticket, iTunes und co? Jetzt online Stream finden! Ask Me Anything (VF). Minuten. Liebesfilme. Zur Wunschliste hinzufügen. In deiner Sprache sind weder Audio noch Untertitel verfügbar. Audio ist. Wir veranstalten einen Ask Me Anything (AMA) Livestream und beantworten dort Helft uns, damit ein Film entsteht, der Mut macht, seine Träume zu verfolgen. Off topic : bruce lee stream it seemed the writer was trying to convey something since Katie was nannying a young child right before she found out she was pregnant. I enjoyed the movie as well and the ending caused me to more info everything house safe came. Her boyfriend is Stiles from Teen Wolf. Idk left me guessing! Views Read Edit View history. ask me anything film deutsch

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Verleiher. Du stimmst den Nutzungsbedingungen und den Datenschutzhinweisen von Google Payments zu. Things begin to look up when Julie Britt Robertsona rebellious young girl, moves to town and befriends Harlon…But when click betrays him, the rabbit along with stream emma einfach magisch imaginary comic book characters taunt him into one read more act of revenge. Bewerte : 0. The Place Beyond The Pines. Produktionsland USA. All Rights Reserved. Von Allison Burnett.

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