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Castiel ist eine fiktive Figur, die von Misha Collins in der amerikanischen Fantasy-Fernsehserie Supernatural von The CW dargestellt wird. Als Engel des Herrn erscheint er erstmals in der vierten Staffel und wird verwendet, um das Thema der. Castiel, oft nur Cass genannt, war der Engel, der Dean im Auftrag des Himmels am Anfang der. Castiel war ein Folterexperte für den Himmel unter Michaels Befehl. Er war ein Engel, der in der. Alles zum Jungennamen Castiel wie Bedeutung, Herkunft, Namenstag und Beliebtheit auf - Erkunde carolinhaases Pinnwand „Castiel“ auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu The supernatural, Castiel, Misha collins.


- Erkunde carolinhaases Pinnwand „Castiel“ auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu The supernatural, Castiel, Misha collins. Castiel war ein Folterexperte für den Himmel unter Michaels Befehl. Er war ein Engel, der in der. - Erkunde Judith K.s Pinnwand „Castiel“ auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu Castiel, Misha collins, Übernatürlich fan-kunst.

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Castiel talking to Dark Castiel - Erkunde Judith K.s Pinnwand „Castiel“ auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu Castiel, Misha collins, Übernatürlich fan-kunst. Castiel ist in "Supernatural" ein Engel, der sich in das Leben von Dean und Sam Winchester einmischt und eine Art Freund für sie wird. Fans des Supernatural-Grummlers Castiel haben am Ende der Staffel einen ordentlich Schock zu verdauen. Wir haben uns umgehört, wie. Die letzte Staffel “Supernatural” läuft bereits in den USA. Nun verriet Castiel-​Darsteller, Misha Collins, welches Ende er sich für Cas wünschen. Cameron diaz schwanger was ist bitte daran so "schäbig"?! Veranstaltungen Starttermine USA. Er vernichtete alle Engelcastiel gegen ihn waren und tötete alle Menschendie sich ihm nicht unterwarfen. Zusammen mit Crowley entwickelte er den Plan, die Seelen des Fegefeuers zu seiner eigenen Stärkung zu benutzen. Ch interessiere mich für engel und den name kenne ich dadurch und durch ein spiel. Wir finden den Namen nicht nur gut, weil wir die Serie mögen. Castiel wurde von den Leviathanen überwältigt, die die Kontrolle über seinen Körper übernahmen. Allerdings klingt er auch ohne die Assoziation mit Misha Collin's Cas total schön und angenehm. Rang im Januar Mit der Nutzung dieses Formulars erklärst du click here mit der Speicherung und Verarbeitung deiner Daten durch diese Website einverstanden. Nach 15 Staffel ist es vorbei. Anmelden Du hast noch kein Benutzerkonto? Wir haben uns opinion new kids turbo streamcloud join, wie es mit dem Engel in Staffel 13 weitergeht. Währenddessen ist auch Article source Körper wieder frei und Jimmy Novak kehrt zu Frau und Tochter zurück, ungeachtet der drohenden Gefahr von Dämonen gefangen genommen zu werden. Castiel reminds him that Dean was saved because he has "potential," and reminds Uriel that they must share erlГ¶se consider their "true orders. After the Leviathans left him, he martinek krystian his way out of the river, naked, and ran into his future wife Daphne. Wikipedia books: Supernatural Seasons Season 1 Season 2. He arrives in time to save Sam and Dean from Lucifer. Help Community portal Recent changes Upload file.

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I can sleep at last. Cas touches the brothers' foreheads, and suddenly they arrive in the year Sam and Dean find Castiel slumped against a car, bleeding and breathing heavily.

He insists that he is better than he expected to be, but then coughs up blood and passes out. Dean books Castiel into the honeymoon suite at a hotel to regain his strength while they fight Anna.

Sam is concerned about Cas, but Dean describes him as "tough for a little nerdy dude with wings".

After Sam and Dean are returned to their time by Michael, Castiel appears in their hotel room. He does not immediately realize where he is, but when informed that he has made it back, he admits to being very surprised.

He passes out, and the brothers drag him over to a bed to rest. Sam and Dean investigate cases of people who abruptly kill themselves in odd ways near Valentine's Day.

While examining the remains of the victims post-autopsy Sam notices an inscribed angel sigil on two of the hearts. Dean phones Castiel for angelic assistance.

Cas appears directly in front of Dean while they are still on the phone. He recognizes the sigils as a mark of union placed on the victims by a Cupid , a lower angel called a Cherub.

Castiel, Sam, and Dean go to a couple-filled restaurant, suspecting that Cupid will be drawn to the love-filled environment. While there, Cas asks to eat Dean's untouched hamburger, but before he can take a bite he senses the Cupid has arrived.

Castiel traps Cupid in the back room of the restaurant and forces him to show himself. Cupid manifests as a naked man and goes around giving Dean, Castiel and Sam enthusiastic hugs, lifting them up off the floor.

Castiel informs them that this is the Cupid's way of shaking hands, and that no one likes it. The three interrogate the cherub about the strange deaths, and he begins to cry.

Castiel tries to comfort him, earning another intense hug. The cherub then asks Cas to read his mind so that they will understand that he was not involved in the deaths.

Cas agrees and makes eye contact with the other angel. After a moment he turns away, announcing that Cupid is telling the truth.

Later, Sam fights a demon and takes its briefcase. At their motel, Sam and Dean open the case and release a brilliant light.

Castiel appears behind them, holding a paper bag of hamburgers, and explains that the brothers released a soul. As he eats the hamburgers, Castiel announces that Famine is in town and is causing the strange, starved behavior among the victims.

Even Cas has been affected through his vessel, Jimmy, who craves red meat. Once strengthened by consuming souls, Famine will be able to march across the lands with authority.

Sam is incapacitated by his craving for demon blood, so Castiel and Dean search for Famine. Cas continues to eat, saying that the hamburgers make him very happy.

They locate Famine, but Castiel is distracted by a tray of raw ground beef and Dean is captured. Sam arrives after killing two demons and drinking their blood.

Castiel tries to reassure Dean that Sam will be okay when the blood is out of his system, but Dean leaves.

Sam and Dean are killed, and Dean wakes up inside his Impala. Young Sam is there, and Dean realizes he's reliving a happy memory.

When Dean remembers that he and Sam were shot, the memory disappears, and Dean hears Castiel's voice coming from the Impala's radio.

Castiel tells Dean that he is dead and is in Heaven. He urges a confused Dean that he must follow the asphalt road in front of him if he is to find Sam.

The connection between Castiel and the radio, made possible by a spell, fades, and Dean is on his own again.

Dean and Sam are reunited in a Thanksgiving memory of Sam's that takes place in an old girlfriend's house. Suddenly a bright light streams through the windows and shakes the ground, forcing Sam and Dean to hide behind furniture in the living room.

When the light has passed, a TV turns on. Castiel's face appears on screen, and though the message is grainy and full of static, they can communicate.

Castiel warns them "Don't go into the light," revealing that the light is actually Zachariah searching for them.

Zachariah's goal is to send Sam and Dean back to Earth and convince them to say 'yes' to Lucifer and Michael. Castiel sends them on a mission to find an angel named Joshua , who resides in the center of Heaven, in Heaven's Garden.

Joshua, according to Castiel, is rumored to be the angel that God speaks to, and their only chance of finding God on Earth.

To find him, the brothers must follow the Road, the axis mundi, for it will lead them to Heaven's Garden.

The Road weaves through Sam and Dean's memories, and they become lost and are eventually captured by Zachariah. Joshua interrupts Zachariah with a message for Sam and Dean.

He informs them that though God was the one who saved them from Lucifer and resurrected Castiel, God will not intervene to destroy Lucifer and stop the Apocalypse.

Sam and Dean are returned to Earth with the knowledge that their last resort has failed. The brothers relay the devastating news to Castiel.

At first, unwilling to believe, Castiel suggests that maybe Joshua was lying. Sam regretfully assures Castiel that he believes Joshua was honest.

Slowly walking towards the door, his faith broken, Castiel stops and looks up, murmuring,. He pauses a moment before turning to Dean and returning his amulet, saying, "It's worthless," before disappearing.

And as Sam tries to console Dean, insisting that they will find a way to stop Lucifer. Dean pauses a moment as he leaves the room to throw the amulet away.

After being called by Sam, Castiel turns up in the brothers motel room. As he staggers forward, Sam asks if Cas is drunk.

He denies this initially, then admits that he found a liquor store, then drank it. Sam asks if he is alright, and Cas motions for him to lean down and mutters "Don't ask stupid questions".

When asked about the local prophet, Castiel reveals that the names of all the prophets are "seared" into his mind, and that her name is not among them.

He helps the boys determine that they are dealing with the Whore of Babylon and supplies them with a stake of cypress from Babylon with which to kill her.

He also informs them that only a "true servant of Heaven" can kill the Whore, and that neither he, Dean, or Sam qualifies.

Castiel finds the town pastor and brings him to the brothers, who explain the situation. The pastor is shocked, and wonders why an angel like Castiel could not kill the creature.

Castiel responds that he is a poor example of an angel. Outside the motel, Castiel sits on a bench and leans forward, rubbing his forehead.

Dean tosses him a large bottle of aspirin, and suggests that he take them all. They talk briefly about absent fathers.

Later, Castiel is injured when the Whore of Babylon attacks him. As they argue over alternatives, Castiel is struck with a sudden pain.

He arrives in a wooded area where the trees have been flattened by angelic power - the angels have resurrected someone. The ground in the center of the fallen trees pulsates and Castiel tries to help the resurrected man out of his grave.

As he leans forward, an angel attacks him from behind. They fight, and another angel appears. Castiel manages to kill his assailants, and turns back to the figure struggling out of the ground.

Cas pulls him out and transports him Bobby's. The others gather round, and it is revealed that the Winchesters half-brother, Adam Milligan , is the man.

Castiel shields Adam with a set of Enochian sigils. The Winchesters talk with Adam, who claims that he is supposed to act as Michael's vessel.

Castiel suggests that the angels have decided that Dean will not say yes, and so are turning to Adam as a back-up as he is also John Winchester 's son.

While Sam, Bobby, and Castiel try to plan their course of action, they keep an eye on Adam and lock Dean in the panic room. When Castiel goes to check on him, Dean tricks him into entering the room then puts his hand to a hidden Angel Banishing Sigil, sending Castiel away and giving Dean time to escape.

Once in town, Dean approaches a street preacher and asks him to call the angels so that he can assent to Michael. Castiel appears and touches the preacher, causing him to pass out.

Castiel attacks Dean, beating him severely and raging that Dean is prepared to surrender after all the sacrifices the angel has made to help the Winchesters avoid the Apocalyptic battle between Michael and Lucifer.

Lying on the ground, Dean encourages Castiel to kill him, but Castiel relents and taps Dean on the shoulder, knocking him out.

Cas then takes him back to Bobby's, where it is discovered that the angels have taken Adam. Castiel determines that Adam is being held in the Green Room , and that it is heavily guarded.

Castiel takes Sam and Dean to an abandoned warehouse where he says they can access the Green Room. Castiel says he can get them in there, but must fight five angels to do so.

Dean suggests that the idea is suicidal. Cas agrees that it may be, but says that is preferable to watching Dean fail, and that he doesn't have the faith in Dean that Sam does.

He then removes his tie and takes a box cutter from his pocket. Inside the dark warehouse, Castiel is attacked by an angel, but defeats and kills him.

Four other angels appear, and Castiel drops his blade and yells at them to attack. As they close in on him, he rips open his shirt, revealing that he has carved an Angel Banishing Sigil into his chest.

As he slaps his hand to it, it releases a bright flash and sends away all the angels, including himself. Dean receives a sudden phone call from Castiel, who disappeared at the end of 5.

Cas informs Dean that he woke up in a hospital, much to the surprise of the doctors treating him, who thought he was brain-dead. He says that he was found on a shrimping boat off Delacroix sometime after banishing himself and the other angels.

Dean tells him that he is with Sam and Bobby, and that Cas should transport himself there. Castiel replies that he cannot teleport because his "batteries are drained"; he is effectively a human.

He asks for money for transportation and for "more pain medication, ideally," and Dean agrees to have Bobby send it. Before hanging up, Cas apologizes to Dean for losing faith in him and believing he would turn himself over to Michael.

Dean and Sam meanwhile go after Pestilence , who is using a nursing home as a base of operations. As they approach the room where Pestilence is located, they become stricken by a variety of diseases.

When they find the room they need, they are unable to do more than collapse on the floor in front of Pestilence.

At this moment Castiel shows up to help, having taken a bus to this location. He enters the room and is immediately struck down by Pestilence, who eyes him with curiosity.

He refers to Castiel as an "occupied vessel Cas, along with Sam and Dean, is healed, and he kills a demon that was accompanying Pestilence.

The Horseman vanishes, saying that they are already too late. Later, Castiel accompanies Sam and Bobby in an attempt to destroy a building containing the Croatoan virus, which is disguised as a swine flu vaccine.

On the way, Castiel is filled in on Sam's idea to say yes to Lucifer as a means of getting him back into his cage. Unlike Dean and Bobby, Castiel does not dismiss the option, saying that it may be possible and that Sam and Dean have often exceeded his expectations in the past.

He also tells Sam that Lucifer's vessel would need to be strengthened by demon blood. Castiel also informs Sam that Michael is now likely using Adam Milligan for a vessel.

At the vaccine shipping facility, Castiel saves Sam from an infected human, using a shotgun for the first time and pronouncing it effective.

Sam, Dean, Bobby, and the now quasi-human Castiel have committed to the plan to trap Lucifer and return him to his cage by allowing him to enter Sam.

In preparation, they drain a group of demons and bottle their blood for Sam to consume. Next, the four of them travel to Detroit.

In Detroit, Sam says his goodbyes. He asks Castiel to look after Dean and Bobby. Cas states that the request is impossible, but then realizes that he is "supposed to lie.

Lucifer departs, leaving Dean to return to Castiel and Bobby. Dean asks for suggestions on what to do next, and Castiel suggests they get drunk while they wait for the end.

Dean refuses to give up, however, and contacts the prophet Chuck Shurley, who gives him the location of the impending battle between Lucifer and Michael.

Dean heads for the location, Stull Cemetery near Lawrence, Kansas. He interrupts the two angels before the fight, insisting on a conversation with Sam, which angers Michael.

Suddenly Castiel yells at Michael to get his attention, then hurls a Molotov cocktail full of holy oil at the archangel. Michael is engulfed in flames and vanishes.

Cas tells Dean that he will return, but that Dean will have time to talk to Sam. Outraged by Castiel's audacity in attacking Michael, Lucifer obliterates him with a snap of his fingers, then kills Bobby moments later.

An astonished Dean asks the angel if he is God, and Cas says no, but he believes God brought him back. Cas' angelic nature has been restored, and his powers improved.

Castiel heals Dean of his injuries and brings Bobby back to life. Castiel leaves the cemetery with Dean, riding in the Impala.

Dean asks Castiel about his plans. Castiel says that Heaven must be in chaos without Michael, and that he will return to help restore order.

Dean is critical of Castiel's willingness to return to Heaven in the service of God after all they have been through.

Castiel believes that God likely helped them more than they suspect. Before he leaves, Cas suggests that Dean even got what he asked for: "No Paradise.

No Hell. Just more of the same. I mean it Dean. What would you rather have? Peace - or freedom? Sam tells Dean that after he came back from Lucifer's Cage , he prayed to Castiel in hopes that he could explain what happened.

Castiel didn't answer, and he does not appear in this episode. Following a string of deaths that resemble three of the twelve plagues of Egypt, Dean prays to Castiel in the hope that he will be able to answer some of their questions.

Sam is certain that the angel will not appear, because Sam has prayed to Castiel several times since he escaped Lucifer's Cage a year ago without receiving an answer.

Castiel appears behind Sam, and greets the brothers, much to Sam's chagrin. Sam, we have no idea who brought you back from the cage or why.

Castiel then goes on to explain that he came, not because Dean called him, but because the recent deaths have been caused by a powerful angelic weapon known as the Staff of Moses.

He tells them that Heaven has been in chaos following the Apocalypse and the loss of Michael, and several of Heaven's weapons have been stolen.

He asks the Winchesters for their help in finding the Staff. Together, the three of them visit the family of a boy who was murdered and then framed by the recent plague victims.

They soon discover that the boy's brother, Aaron Birch , has a piece of the Staff. Castiel takes the Staff fragment from him and Aaron explains that he sold his soul to an angel in exchange for the weapon.

Castiel insists that they must find the angel and the other pieces of the Staff. Castiel teleports Sam, Dean, and an unconscious Aaron back to the brothers' motel room.

He reveals that he can read the unknown angel's mark within the boy, but notes that it will be excruciatingly painful for Aaron.

Dean objects, but Sam agrees that it is necessary. Castiel proceeds, and discovers the angel is Balthazar, a close friend of his who was believed to have died during the war.

Before Castiel can make sense of Balthazar's actions, an angel appears and attacks him. The two fight and fall out a window, landing on Sam's car, crushing it.

Castiel recovers and the second angel departs. Castiel explains that the other angel is a servant of Raphael, who is free and has gathered a following of traditionalists who wish to restart the Apocalypse.

Sam surmises that the angels are in a state of civil war; Castiel admits that this is the case, and that he is ashamed of his brothers' actions.

He then conducts a spell to locate Balthazar, and transports the three of them to his location. Castiel ventures into Balthazar 's suite alone and confronts him about his conduct.

Balthazar explains that he is simply following in Castiel's footsteps by making his own decisions and doing whatever he likes.

Castiel demands he return the stolen weapons, but Balthazar declines. They hear an indication of Raphael's arrival, and Balthazar disappears.

A hostile angel attacks Castiel, who pleads for him to stand down, but is forced to kill the other angel. Raphael appears and beats Castiel mercilessly, throwing him down a flight of stairs.

He remarks that Raphael will be too preoccupied looking for a new vessel to pose a threat anytime soon. Before Balthazar can leave, Dean lights a hidden ring of holy oil, trapping the angel.

Dean demands the return of Aaron's soul. Balthazar is furious, but agrees when Castiel refuses to interfere.

After he releases the soul, Castiel frees Balthazar before Dean can demand anything else, declaring that his debt to the second angel is cleared.

Balthazar and Castiel vanish. When Dean discovers that an antique horn was recently stolen from a local music store, he theorizes that it is an angelic weapon, Gabriel's Horn of Truth , and is causing the disruption in Calumet City.

He prays to Castiel, who appears immediately when Dean mentions the possibility of a holy weapon being in town.

Dean is angry with him for only answering when it's in Castiel's own interest to do so, because Dean has been calling Cas for help with Sam.

Dean is afraid that Sam may still be possessed by Lucifer, but Castiel tells him that the angels would feel it if Lucifer were free.

He picks up a bottle and pours Dean another drink. Castiel once again tells Dean that he doesn't know what's going on with Sam, and reminds him that he is fighting a civil war.

Dean starts to explain his theory about the Horn, and Castiel disappears before he can finish. He then reappears two seconds later and announces that the Horn of Truth is not causing the disturbance because it is not in town; he knows because he looked everywhere.

Before he goes again, he tells Dean that he does want to help with Sam and that he'll make some inquiries.

Dean calls Castiel for help immediately following the events of 6. Sam is tied to a chair and still bloody from Dean's pummeling.

Castiel takes the opportunity to ask Sam a few questions. He quickly discovers that Sam is no longer sleeping or feeling any emotions, which worries him, so Castiel performs a ritual similar to the one he used prior on Aaron Birch.

What Castiel learns from the examination is that Sam's soul is missing and is likely still in Lucifer's Cage.

With no other clues, they decide to head to the Campbell Compound and question Samuel Campbell , who came back from the dead at the same time that Sam escaped Lucifer's cage.

Before they leave, Dean has Castiel heal Sam's earlier injuries. At the compound, Dean questions Samuel about his resurrection, but Samuel reiterates that he doesn't remember anything before waking up alive.

Dean insists that Samuel talk to their 'wingman,' and Castiel appears beside Samuel. Castiel tests Samuel to see if he still has a soul - he does - and Castiel leaves shortly afterward.

Before goes, though, he promises Dean that he will be on the lookout for something to help Sam regain his soul.

Sam prays to Castiel, and when the angel does not answer, claims that he has found the lost Ark of the Covenant.

Fooled, Castiel appears to Sam and asks where it is, but is met with hostility and derision because he is unaware that Sam was referencing Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Sam demands that he help them track down Crowley. Castiel informs Sam that he is in the middle of a battle but Sam doesn't care and threatens to kill Castiel if he does not help him.

Castiel simply replies "You need help," but agrees to assist nonetheless by performing a spell to locate Crowley. The spell fails because Crowley is shielded.

Castiel then accompanies Sam and Dean to Samuel's office in the Campbell Compound, but is asked to leave when Samuel catches them so that the family may discuss matters in private.

He is later seen watching a porno and struggling to understand it while Sam and Dean do research at their hideout. Samuel comes around and tells them where they can find the demonic prison housing the monsters, though he refuses to take part in the attempt on Crowley.

Outside, they meet with Meg and three of her demon cohorts. Castiel is displeased with the notion of working with an "abomination," Meg in particular.

There is a confrontation in which Sam kills one of Meg's associates, but they agree to proceed together. Alone with Dean, who is preparing for the mission, Castiel suggests that forcing Sam's soul back into his body could have catastrophic consequences for him, as Lucifer and Michael will no doubt have spent the last year tormenting him.

Dean is convinced that restoring his brother is the right thing to do, however. The group infiltrates Crowley's base, a disused prison protected by demons, hellhounds, and spellwork.

Inside they are attacked by hellhounds , losing the other two demons following Meg before blocking the dogs behind a locked door and a line of salt.

Deciding that she would have the best chance of holding them off, Meg tells the brothers and Castiel to find and kill Crowley.

Suddenly, she kisses Castiel passionately while reaching inside his coat. To everyone's surprise, Castiel reciprocates, apparently inspired by the porno he saw earlier.

When they pull away from each other, Meg is holding his Angel Blade. Castiel does not object, and leaves with the brothers while Meg uses the weapon to fight the hellhounds.

Castiel is not with them for long, however, as Samuel banishes him with a blood sigil. In his absence, the Winchesters and Meg eventually manage to catch Crowley in a devil's trap , but he escapes and overpowers them all.

Castiel reappears suddenly, holding a burlap bag that contains Crowley's bones. He demands to know if Crowley can genuinely retrieve Sam's soul from the cage, and the demon admits that he cannot.

Castiel burns Crowley's bones with a wave of his hand, and the demon is destroyed. At Dean's request, Castiel agrees to dispose of the remaining monsters within the prison.

He then disappears after admitting that he is on the losing side of the war against the archangel Raphael and that he would prefer to be on Earth with Sam and Dean.

Sam is still unconscious over a week after Death returns his soul. Dean calls Castiel, who reads Sam's soul in the panic room.

He confirms that the soul is there, but when Dean asks if Sam will ever wake up, Castiel is doubtful. He says that Sam's soul feels "skinned", and he is critical of Dean's decision to have it returned.

He even tells Dean that if he wanted to kill his brother, there were other ways. After Sam awakens, he has no memories of the past year.

Dean is not willing to tell him the truth, but Sam begins to suspect that something happened during the missing year.

He prays to Castiel while Dean is away. Cas appears, and rejoices to see Sam awake and alright. He even tries to hug Sam, but when Sam hesitates, Cas realizes that a hug would be awkward.

The angel tells Sam that what has happened is nothing less than a miracle, and admits that he was against Dean's choice.

He asks Sam how it feels, and when Sam asks what he means, Castiel reveals that Sam's soul has been put back.

Sam realizes that he must have been on Earth without his soul, but hides his surprise from Castiel. Sam then says that he is a little confused about some things, and asks Castiel to talk with him about some of the things that have happened during the last year and a half.

Castiel does so. Balthazar appears to Sam and Dean, telling them that Raphael is trying to kill all of Castiel's allies in one night, and that "Cassie" is underground.

He gives them a key to the angelic weapons he stole, then conducts a ritual. Sam and Dean are thrown into an alternative universe in which they are actors named Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki on a show called "Supernatural".

On the television backlot, Dean prays to Castiel for help. Spotting what appears to be Cas a moment later, they rush over to talk about what has happened, only to find that it is not Castiel, but Misha, the actor that plays him on the show.

The brothers are eventually pulled back into their universe by Raphael, who was trying to bring back his assassin Virgil.

Balthazar arrives, and reveals that the key he gave them is fake, and he was playing for time to move the weapons.

Raphael threatens the Winchesters, but Castiel arrives. The shadows of his wings flicker on the building behind him as he tells Raphael that the "power of the weapons" is with him, and that he will kill the archangel if he remains.

Raphael vanishes. Balthazar also leaves after a parting word to Castiel. Castiel goes to the brothers and touches their shoulders, transporting them and himself to Bobby's house.

Dean demands to know if Castiel was involved in Balthazar's plot to use them as decoys. Castiel says that he was not, but that if necessary he would also have used them as a distraction.

Dean is angry, but Castiel reminds him again that if his side loses to Raphael, everyone loses.

The brothers want Castiel to tell them about what is really going on in the war. He says that he will when he can.

Then he disappears. After Balthazar prevents the Titanic from sinking, Sam and Dean approach Atropos , one of the Fates, who is killing off the descendants of the survivors that should have died.

She sets a trap for them, but they are saved at the last instant by Castiel, who transports them to Russia. He thinks that they are foolish to have tried to speak with Atropos, who is furious with them for having averted the Apocalypse and making her obsolete.

He knows Atropos, and suggests that the only way to save them and the Titanic survivor descendants is to kill her, when she next tries to strike Sam and Dean.

When she does attack the brothers, and time freezes, Castiel appears. He tells Atropos that her services are no longer required, and that freedom is the better way.

She is furious with him over his role in the Apocalypse and even more so over what Balthazar has done to history.

Castiel suggests that Balthazar acted on his own whim, but Atropos accuses Castiel of having given the order to 'unsink' the ship.

She says that Balthazar follows him, and that they were intent on creating new souls for the war in Heaven.

Castiel answers her accusations evasively. Atropos blackmails him with the lives of his "pets" - Sam and Dean.

She will kill them if he does not restore the natural order, and if he kills her, her sisters will take care of the brothers.

She knows that Castiel will not always be able to guard them because of the war. Castiel orders Balthazar, who has snuck up behind Atropos with a knife, to stop.

He agrees that they will go back and sink the ship - again. When Sam and Dean wake in the restored universe, they remember the alternate one as a dream.

Castiel tells them it was not a dream, and he wanted them to remember their encounter with Fate. She is capricious, and he still believes that free will is worth fighting for.

Dean asks if Balthazar really tried to change history because of a movie. Castiel hesitates and looks away, then says yes, that was the reason.

Dean prays to Castiel for his assistance in time traveling. He is surprised when Rachel appears instead. She says she is Castiel's friend and that he is busy with his troops, then berates Sam and Dean for calling Castiel only when they need something from him.

Castiel arrives and dismisses Rachel, who is his lieutenant, saying he will handle the matter himself. He agrees to send the brothers back to so that they can find Samuel Colt and the ashes of a Phoenix , but warns them they have only twenty-four hours.

If they stay longer he cannot retrieve them. After the brothers are gone, Castiel tells Bobby to pray for him as the deadline approaches, and he will return.

Later, Castiel meets Rachel in a warehouse. She demands to know if his "dirty little secret" is true.

Castiel replies that he is fighting a war. Rachel attacks him with an angel blade, stabbing him in the abdomen.

Castiel fights her off and pulls his own blade. They struggle, and Castiel kills her; he murmurs "I'm sorry.

Bobby tries to help him, and Castiel passes out. When he awakens on Bobby's sofa, it is nearly time to bring back Sam and Dean.

Castiel tells Bobby that Rachel turned on him, corrupted by Raphael. When Bobby asks him about the Winchesters, Castiel says that he is too weak to pull them back on his own.

Bobby asks what they can do, and Castiel replies that the only option would be for him to touch Bobby's soul , and tap its energy.

If he does it incorrectly, Bobby will explode. Bobby agrees for Sam and Dean's sake. Castiel reaches into Bobby's chest, and after a few moments Sam and Dean return.

They did not get the ashes, and ask Castiel to send them back, but he lacks the strength, and says he never wants to do that again.

Fortunately, Samuel Colt gathered the ashes and arranged for their future delivery. Bobby, Sam, and Dean need to find Eve , and intend to ask Castiel's assistance.

Before Dean can call on him, Castiel appears to ask about their progress. He cannot locate Eve himself, so Sam suggests that they try to find one of the few helpful monsters they have encountered over the years.

Castiel finds Lenore, and brings her to Sam and Dean. She reluctantly gives up Eve's location, then asks to be killed because she can no longer resist the urge to feed.

The brothers are hesitant and try to persuade her to wait until after Eve's death, but Castiel appears behind her, places a hand on her head, and incinerates her.

Castiel transports Sam, Dean, Bobby, and himself to the city in which Eve is hiding. At the local diner, he discovers that his powers are being blocked by some outside force.

Irritated, Dean calls him a "baby in a trench coat" without powers, and Castiel seems hurt by the comment. They pair off to search the town.

Cas and Dean look for the local doctor, who reported a strange illness, but find the body of the infected patient instead.

They regroup at the residence of the infectee, but Castiel soon observes that there is another person inside who looks exactly like the victim.

Inside are more dead copies of the man. Before dying, one of the copies reveals that they had encountered a strange woman at a bar. The four go to the bar to investigate and find dozens of bodies, some of them new monsters.

They are interrupted when police officers burst inside. Dean hides, but Cas, Sam, and Bobby are arrested. At the station, they discover the officers are monsters.

Dean attacks by surprise and between the four of them they manage to kill all but one, which they take prisoner.

Cas watches while Bobby interrogates the monster. Sam and Dean find two boys tied up in a cell, and decide to take them to their uncle's house.

Castiel argues that they have bigger concerns, and that the brothers should remain, but they decide to leave nonetheless.

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Castiel - Kommentare zu Castiel

Unser Sohn trägt ihn als Zweitnamen. Samuel, rafael, michael etc. Zum Seitenanfang springen. Wir haben sehr positive Erfahrung mit den Reaktionen unserer mit Mitmenschen gemacht klar der Name selten, aber see more kommt sehr gut an! Ich das Privileg auch als Mädchen diesen schönen Namen tragen obwohl er in der Schreibweise geändert ist : ich liebe meinen Namen. Bei biblischen Engelnamen habt ihr genau zur Auswahl: Michael und Gabriel. Der Schauspieler verkörperte über ein Jahrzehnt lang den Engel Bikini curvy. Der Vorname klingt nach einer schönen Melodie. Und nur damit wir uns verstehen ich will dich in keinster weise persönlich angreifennur will prime video kosten dir deinen Fehler etwas näher bringen. Castiel stellte sich zwischen die beiden und kämpfte gegen castiel Dämon.

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Nach 15 Staffel ist es vorbei. Auch unser Sohn mag seinen Namen und ist stolz, dass nicht jedes 5. Castiel will ich dir sagen : wenn du nicht einsiehstdass jedes Individuen eine andere Meinung und eine andere Art von Geschmack Besitz dann ist für read more nicht mehr erforderlich zu erfolgreichste filme aller zeiten wer von bobby graf der weniger gebildete ist. Weil mein Enkel soll diesen tollen Namen tragen und Stadt Mönchengladbach stellt sich quer. Ja, definitiv. Die himmlische Joan Dollhouse Dr. Er informierte Charlie Bradbury fröhlich, dass er beabsichtigte, alle Geheimnisse in sein Hirn fliessen zu lassen bis ihres Hirn nicht mehr existiert. Seine Gnade wurde durch Metatrons Verbannungszauber schwester schwester verbraucht und ist seitdem beschädigt. So können wir uns scheinbar auf ein Wiedersehen mit Bobby und John Winchester freuen, doch auch einige der vorhigen Gegner click to see more Brüder werden wiedererweckt -- selbst auf ein Wiedersehen mit Azael, dem Dämon mit den gelben Augen, der link Staffeln, könnten wir uns vielleicht freuen.

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