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Logan Lucky ist eine Räuberkomödie von Steven Soderbergh, die am August in die Logan Lucky in der Internet Movie Database (englisch)Vorlage:​IMDb/Wartung/„importiert aus“ fehlt · Logan Lucky in der Deutschen Synchronkartei. Logan Lucky [dt./OV]. ()IMDb h 59minX-Ray Die Brüder Jimmy und Clyde Logan werden vom Pech verfolgt. Während der impulsive Jimmy. Bilder, Inhalt, Synopsis, Beschrieb, Trailer zum Film Logan Lucky. /db_data/​movies/loganlucky/scen/l/Logan_Lucky_jpg min. IMDB-Rating: 7/​ Logan Lucky. Logan Lucky , einem berühmten NASCAR-Rennen – wo unter der Straße verdammt viel Geld bewegt wird IMDb: 7. JW icon. Rent. - Logan Lucky () - Adam Driver as Clyde Logan - IMDb.

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Logan Lucky. IMDb 7,01 Std. 59 MinX-Ray13+. Trying to reverse a family curse, brothers Jimmy and Clyde Logan set out to execute an elaborate robbery. The Red Turtle (). PG | 80 min | Animation, Family, Fantasy. · Logan Lucky Logan Lucky (). PG | min | Comedy, Crime, Drama. 7. Logan Lucky. Logan Lucky , einem berühmten NASCAR-Rennen – wo unter der Straße verdammt viel Geld bewegt wird IMDb: 7. JW icon. Rent.

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Logan Lucky (2017) - UK TRAILER Wonder Wheel Read more min Drama 6. Gernot Simoni Jutta Kammann The rise and inevitable fall of an amoral but naive young woman whose insouciant eroticism inspires lust and violence in those brawl. After ordering enough typewriting paper for 40 years, just to get discount, Heinrich Lohse is forced to retire. A family of four click to see more in the suburbs household. Late 19th century in Alexandria. Based on Michel Just click for source 's controversial novel, this movie focuses on Michael click Bruno, two very different half-brothers and their disturbed sexuality.

Logan Lucky Imdb Video

LOGAN LUCKY Official Trailer (2017) Daniel Craig, Channing Tatum Comedy Movie HD

Riley Keough previously starred in the first season of The Girlfriend Experience , an anthology series on Starz based on the film of the same name, which was directed by Steven Soderbergh.

Earlier in the film, when Jimmy Channing Tatum is listening to Clyde's theory in the bar, Clyde claims that the Logans' bad luck comes right when things are going well.

The same way how Jimmy blew his knee when he was the quarterback King in High School, and how Clyde's arm got blown off in Iraq on the way to the airport to go home.

Agent Grayson's Hilary Swank appearance at the bar, suggesting that she'll stay for awhile, as she flirts with Clyde, and the final shot of Clyde's arm holding a beer all hint the famous Logan Curse.

Clyde's arm was blown off during his deployment in Iraq. In real-life, Adam Driver was a Marine before becoming an actor.

He was supposed to deploy to Iraq, but he broke his sternum before deployment, and was medically discharged.

When the heist is being reported by a news station on various televisions in the film, one interviewee refers to the heist as "Ocean's Seven-Eleven" in reference to the Ocean's film franchise, three of which were directed by Steven Soderbergh.

When Max Chilblain's Seth MacFarlane's car is set on fire after the bar fight at the Duck Tape, he and his two cohorts pull out their phones.

MacFarlane has his phone to his ear, with his other hand over his other ear. His two cohorts phones are blocking their mouth and eyes, respectively.

This is a visual cue to the popular "hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil". Using cockroaches to find a vault access then vacuuming out the loot were plot devices in 11 Harrowhouse Despite being Sadie's uncle, Clyde Logan Adam Driver does not share any scenes with her throughout the film.

Hilary Swank's character first appears in the film after an hour and 33 minutes have elapsed. Go see it. The cast and script alone will make it worth your while.

Logan Lucky is first and foremost a heist movie. Arguably it's the first of its kind this decade, since the last time a really good movie of this stripe has focused on downhill good 'ol boys pulling an all-American snatch-and-grab, Burt Reynolds was still relevant.

In its advertising the film mentions itself in the same breath as Ocean's Eleven but aside from both having the same director, the two couldn't be more miles apart.

One's about career confidence men drinking fancy martinis. The other's about petty criminals snatching chump change from concession drawers.

One's essentially Michael Caine, the other is Steve Martin. As such, Logan Lucky doesn't come with the standard beats and rhythms of your average Italian Job It's slower, quirkier, meanders down narrative avenues then calls it all back in drastically different ways.

While doing so it's also more human, more sympathetic calling to mind the best aspects of The Big Deal on Madonna Street with a uniquely Appalachian twang.

Recently let go from his construction job due to, "liability reasons with insurance," former football prodigy Jimmy Logan Tatum decides to put in motion a robbery plan he's obviously been thinking about for some time.

He recruits his siblings, hairdresser Mellie Keough and one-handed bartender Clyde Driver , to aid him.

Then they knock on the door of infamous local demolitions expert and safe cracker Joe Bang Craig whose incarceration proves the first snag of many to rob the Charlotte Motor Speedway.

As with all heist movies, much of the entertainment stems from the tension created when the plan, as described to the satisfaction of the audience deviates ever so slightly risking exposure.

What Logan Lucky doesn't just get right but gets near darn perfect is the way it plays with that convention. Large problems seem to wash over the ensemble with increasing grace almost as if they know they can rely on their community; family and own God-given intelligence to carry the day.

Minor problems come across as inspired character moments for which Jimmy, Joe Bang and his brothers Quaid and Gleeson show their goofy, simple, superstitious selves.

I say goofy and simple not to be derivative, though if that's what you take from it then the film's prestige may come as a more pleasant surprise than you could hope for.

Much of the plan relies on other characters, such as a stuffy prison warden Yoakam and a haughty race promoter MacFarlane to underestimate our ensemble's abilities.

The film does an excellent job humanizing our heroes by exploring and framing their environments as a point of fact. Jimmy doesn't live in squalor; he lives in a cozy house overlooking the West Virginia hills.

Clyde isn't a one-handed freak, he's a war hero and a dedicated bartender to boot, Mellie, a capable getaway driver, the Bang brothers - professional bandits who "know all the twitters".

The camera further highlights this by panning and gliding at low angles making everyone loom larger; everyone including a late third act addition in Hilary Swank as a resourceful FBI investigator.

The film is not without its faults. The pacing seems to shift up and down like a Mustang barreling down the Eastbound I And despite its knack for air-tight alibis, Logan Lucky leaves the audience hanging with a lot of unanswered questions.

Given the controversy surrounding the financing of the film, there's little doubt a sequel is being planned.

One which I look forward to, but if film is said to be poetic justice in a hundred minutes or less, Logan Lucky doesn't come across as poetic as it should be.

All that said, Steven Soderbergh's Logan Lucky is a breeze. It's a fine and feral addition to the pantheon of good time slice-of-life crime comedies that were first kicked off by Dirty Mary Crazy Larry and the like.

And its quirkiness is helped immensely by its motley cast who by enlarge do wonders humanizing characters that otherwise would have been shrouded in misplaced mythos.

If you've been curious about this one, do yourself a favor and check it out. DJKwa 14 August A few years ago director Steven Soderbergh made no secret of his waning passion for filmmaking.

He announced his intention to retire from feature films following the release of 's Behind the Candelabra and cited his desire to pursue other creative interests.

Well, it may have taken four years and a brief stint directing TV's The Knick to reignite his filmmaking passion, but Soderbergh proves his hand behind the camera is as assured as ever in the rollicking heist caper Logan Lucky.

Aptly described by Soderbergh himself as an "anti-glam version of an Ocean's movie", Logan Lucky is a return to the style of filmmaking that made his Ocean's trilogy box office hits.

The film moves at a neat pace, features a strong ensemble cast and is packed with enough twist and turns to keep things interesting throughout its two hour running time.

After loosing his job at a mine located underneath the Charlotte Motor Speedway, Jimmy plans to pull of an elaborate heist to put the Logan's financial woes behind them and break the family curse.

With intricate knowledge of a series of underground tubes that run from the Speedway to a central bank vault filled with millions of dollars, Jimmy sees the perfect opening to rob the vault during a NARSCAR race.

The only problem: Joe's in prison. So on top of concocting a plan to steal the cash, they'll need to figure out a way to break Joe out of prison and get him back with no one the wiser.

No pressure. It's a zany comedy about unremarkable characters punching well above their weight but through sheer luck managing to pull things off.

Half the fun of the film is seeing things not happening to plan but somehow working out in the end.

To its credit, the film never treats itself too seriously and invites you to laugh along with the character's mishaps and the farcical parts of the story are frequently the funniest.

One gag involving a prison riot and a jab at Game of Thrones writer George R. Martin's glacial writing pace is as screwy as it is funny.

For the most part, the film moves along at a nice pace. Just like in the Ocean's films, Soderbergh who edits his own film employs slick, fast cut editing to keep the heist scenes interesting and involving.

He also manages to make good use of an impressive ensemble cast, with the likes of Seth MacFarlane, Katie Holmes, Katherine Waterston and Sebastian Stan all making minor but memorable appearances.

And while Adam Driver and Channing Tatum both give impressive performances, the standout is an almost unrecognisable Daniel Craig playing blue-collar criminal Joe Bang.

An explosions expert sporting a heavy southern accent and bright blonde hair, he's an anti-glam version of Bond if you will. It's Craig's impeccable comedic timing that will make you wish the Bond films would let him exercise his comedic chops a little bit more.

It's only in the last act that the film starts to feel a little played out. The introduction of Hillary Swank as a Special Agent in the last 20 minutes of the film feels a little rushed and ultimately doesn't really go anywhere.

Instead, the story continues through a number of false endings, not entirely sure when to bring down the curtain. Overall, as the first feature to draw Soderbergh out of semi-retirement, Logan Lucky is clearly something he wanted to make and his passion comes through in the final product.

Produced entirely on his own and without studio interference, Logan Lucky inverts the glamour and opulence of the Ocean's trilogy without loosing the series' trademark quirks and high entertainment value.

If Logan Lucky is intended to act as sort of push-back of the Hollywood system and studio meddling, then Soderbergh has succeeded at both proving a point and making you laugh while doing it.

He lost his job on a construction site because he has a limp he didn't report when he applied and doesn't affect his job as a driver.

He's divorced with a wife moving away who has full custody of his daughter. He has a brother, Clyde Adam Driver , a bartender who lost his hand in one of the many wars.

It's referred to locally as the Logan Curse. The Logans' simply seem unable to catch a break. Perhaps, there's a chance for their luck to change.

Jimmy reveals to Clyde a complex heist plan he's put together that could help their lives exponentially. The plan is so complex it even involves breaking Joe Bang Daniel Craig out of prison, getting his help, and getting him back in prison without anyone noticing he's gone.

Logan Lucky is a fun and quirky movie. It's filled with characters that could easily be cut from the film and bare no impact on the final product.

Their inclusion in this film is baffling. However, much of that is moot since when this movie works, it very entertaining.

From the cast, the real highlight is Craig's Joe Bang. A man who appears rather simple and is very crass, yet proves through the movie that is he unusually intelligent.

In many ways Tatum's Jimmy Logan has many of these qualities though not nearly as crass. Although, I can spend the rest of the review praising the cast for all doing a great job even the unnecessary ones , the real star of this film is Steven Soderbergh's direction.

Returning to the chair after a very short lived retirement. He shows that his four year break has done nothing to dampen his eye for film.

This is that rare film that is equal parts style and substance. There's a clear story here about how we can create our own luck as long as we're willing to take the opportunities when they present themselves.

Logan Lucky is hardly a flawless film by any means. It does have a tendency to meander, but never too far off. Two hours with the Logans are two hours you won't regret.

I liked it even more after reading Steven Soderbergh's interview about cutting out big studios from the profits and sharing it with the crew instead.

Good for him! What if infamously shady studio accounting could be reduced to something as simple as a password-protected website, where everyone involved with the film— from the producers to the costume designer to Adam Driver— could simply log on and see how much money the film had made, and what percentage of that money was theirs?

I know I'm late to the party with this review. While it is still in cinemas, I want to urge you to go and see it.

Steven Soderbergh returns to the silver screen with Logan Lucky. It is without doubt that Soderbergh knows how to film a crime caper filled with complex plotting, serious human moments, dead-pan humour and a significant twist at the end.

The plot is straight-forward. Along the way they enlist the help of an explosives expert, appropriately names Joe Bang played by Daniel Craig, who clearly has been let loose and chews up the scenery with gusto.

Set in the heart of Trump-land it is a thing you know and close to recent racial protests in Charlottesville, this caper is Ocean's Eleven in a hillbilly world.

Are there stereotypes? Are there southern tropes? Does it take itself seriously? The film is well put together based on the screenplay by Rebecca Blunt As of July , suspected to be a fictitious person; a pseudonym for an, as yet, unidentified person.

They believed she resided in the UK. To invoke a litotes, the film is not without it's faults but where it succeeds is in the performances of this stellar cast.

They clearly had fun. Too much analysis will spoil what is a thoroughly silly, yet enjoyable film.

One of the main reasons that I began writing movie reviews is to bring attention to good, entertaining flicks that might be flying under your radar.

This is an entertaining movie that moves quickly and has much more under the surface than you might first think. The solution to their problem?

Rob the vault at the Charlotte Motor Speedway. One problem there, Craig's character is currently in jail. Can this group of seemingly dimwitted West Virginians pull off the caper?

The caper is clever, yet simple. Tatum does a nice job of showing us a thoughtful, rounded human being under the veneer of a West Virginia "hick".

The film picks up energy with the introduction of the Bang brothers. You can see the danger in his eyes and movements but you can also detect a layer of intelligence in his portrayal, all the while keeping the "wink" in his eye that let's you know that he and we are having fun.

They will break Joe out of prison and return him later that day. Clyde intentionally gets himself sent to prison on a minor charge.

With the help of a woman working at the vault, Mellie, Sam, and Fish infest the Speedway's tube system with painted cockroaches, determining which tubes go to the vault.

While gathering supplies, Jimmy meets former schoolmate Sylvia, who gives him a tetanus shot inside her mobile clinic, which is in need of donations.

Jimmy learns that construction at the speedway is being completed ahead of schedule, forcing them to mount the heist a week earlier, during the much busier Coca-Cola race on Memorial Day weekend.

At the speedway, Sam and Fish blow up a generator to disable the credit card machines, forcing vendors to accept cash only. Clyde, Jimmy and Joe enter the tube room, and Joe uses an explosive improvised from bleach, gummy bears and a dietary salt substitute to blow open the gate from the tube to the vault.

They connect the tube to a giant vacuum pump, and suck up all the cash into garbage bags. Security guards investigate the smoke from the explosion, but are diverted by Earl, one of Clyde's bar patrons.

Jimmy accidentally reverses the direction of the vacuum, sucking Clyde's prosthetic arm into the machine.

On his way out, Clyde is recognized by Chilblain and hits him, then Clyde and Joe sneak back into the prison disguised as firefighters. Jimmy makes it to his daughter's pageant just in time to see her perform his favorite song, " Take Me Home, Country Roads.

While she suspects Jimmy, Clyde and Joe, she has no evidence. When Joe returns home after prison he finds a garbage bag of money buried in his yard.

Sylvia receives an anonymous donation for her clinic, and the inmate who orchestrated the riot receives an envelope stuffed with cash when he is released.

Unknown to Joe and his brothers, Jimmy had filled extra trash bags during the heist, which he hid at the dump to retrieve later.

The group is watched by Grayson, who tells Clyde that she is new to the area but thinks she will stay for a while. Soderbergh's Behind the Candelabra was intended to be his final film as director.

Soderbergh has said that he was initially given the Logan Lucky script in hopes that he could recommend a suitable director for the project, but he enjoyed reading it and decided to take it on for himself, specifically noting that it was an "anti-glam version of an Ocean's movie ".

He told Entertainment Weekly , "Nobody dresses nice. Nobody has nice stuff. They have no money.

They have no technology. It's all rubber band technology. The film was announced in February , along with Channing Tatum's casting.

There has been media speculation regarding the identity of the film's screenwriter, Rebecca Blunt. The film's production notes state that she is a native of Logan, West Virginia who now lives in New York City , and that she is a first-time screenwriter.

Some people involved with the film have exchanged emails with a person they believed to be her, and think that she lives in the United Kingdom.

Sources speculated that "Rebecca Blunt" was actually a pseudonym for Soderbergh's wife Jules Asner , for comedian John Henson , or for Soderbergh himself.

Logan Lucky began filming on August 24, The Atlanta outside barriers were repainted yellow, in an attempt to resemble Charlotte; the Charlotte track has yellow walls, owing to then title sponsor Sprint; Atlanta has white walls with red and blue pattern for the charity that is involved with race sponsor QuikTrip.

The scenes with the Fox commentators inside the commentary box were shot in Atlanta, because in Charlotte the commentators are typically positioned on top of the grandstand roof for opening broadcast scenes.

The soundtrack was released by Milan Records ; it includes the cue "Original Score Medley" by David Holmes, and music by various artists.

Fingerprint Releasing and Bleecker Street released the film on August 18, It was again part of a historically low weekend, as it was the worst combined holiday weekend since The website's critical consensus reads, "High-octane fun that's smartly assembled without putting on airs, Logan Lucky marks a welcome end to Steven Soderbergh's retirement — and proves he hasn't lost his ability to entertain.

Owen Gleiberman of Variety gave the film a positive review, writing, "Steven Soderbergh's Logan Lucky is a high-spirited, low-down blast.

It just aims to please and does a pretty good job of it. Watching it is like finding money in the pocket of a coat that you haven't worn in years.

Reed complained that the film takes a slower pace than Ocean's Eleven , and although he praised the camera work, music and ham acting, he concluded, "It doesn't work.

Logan Lucky is as charming and welcome as toenail fungus.

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Sie haben kein Link. User Ratings. R min Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi. Full of ideas and courage, she left on a https://ice-art.se/serien-stream-legal-kostenlos/game-of-thrones-staffel-6-im-free-tv.php, but experienced only disappointment and R min Crime, Drama, Mystery. Gernot Simoni Jutta Kammann In a world she's living, she doesn't exist. Logan Lucky is as charming and welcome as toenail fungus. Deadline Hollywood. Retrieved July read more, If he didn't perfection was no need read article the brothers. I'm not going to pretend I'm a professional critic and write a novel- length review Despite being Sadie's uncle, Clyde Logan Link Driver does not share any scenes with her throughout the film. He is dull as paint. Instead, the story continues through a number of https://ice-art.se/serien-stream-app-android/goldesel.php endings, not entirely sure when to bring down the click here. Well, it may have taken four years and a brief stint directing TV's The Knick to reignite his filmmaking passion, but Soderbergh proves his hand behind the camera is as assured as ever in the rollicking heist caper Logan Lucky.

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